So, yes, I'm in Leeds now.
The arrival didn't go as smooth as you would hope, but what do you expect when I made the arrengements? So the flight was ok, but when I arrived on Stansted I had only half an hour until my bus would go. (or as they call it here, coach...) Big mistake, the pass control and waiting for the luggage ate that time, even just getting of the flight took 10 minutes. So I had to rebook, which cost me an extra 5 pounds. The money wasen't the bigggest problem though, I was going to arrive one and half hour later and the staff was going to pick me up. I tried to call from my mobile and from a payphone, nothing worked. So I had to ask my father to call. With that figured out a new problem occured. The bus to Leeds came in on the station 45 min earlier than t said on my tickets, I thought that  "oh, nice it will come earlier!" I tried to go on the bus but they just went away, which made me worry hat it wouldn#t come back. Panic arised as I waited 45 min and by the end of that 45 min it started to pour. It didn't matter that I was under a roof, I got soaked anyway.
A little bit late, my bus came, and now I'm here in my room borrowing the German girl Mona's computer.
So I bet you waonder what I do during my days.
Well, these past days has been kind of lazy even while working. I mostly observe so I can learn.
The residents are really nice and so are Chapel Allerton (the area that I live in)
I've taken some walks in the area, seen what there is to see and so on...
Haven't yet been to Leeds center even though they suggested I should go today.
The problem is that I dont wanna go myself, because I think that would be boring and I will get lost going on my own.
The food I get is really good so people who warned me about English food, take your warnings elsewhere.
The English people are really nice and polite, just as you would expect them to be. Yesterday when I was at Lidl I even saw a sign aabout showing your ID thet was extremly polite. It said "If you are lucky enough to look under 21 we will ask for proof of your age when buying alcohool and other restricted products". That really made my day.
I don't know what more t say, more than I really like it here and that I miss you all.
And I miss my Mac. PC sucks.

Postat av: O

Sounds amazing! Så grymt att du är på plats nu och har påbörjat din resa! Fortsätt ha det bra och ha gryyyyyymt kul! Hoppas du kommer in till Leeds med någon någon dag :D Kram!

2010-09-02 @ 19:04:41
Postat av: Jannike

Så typiskt dig att det alltid ska strula! Haha, men vad skönt att du kom fram i alla fall :) Låter underbart, hoppas du har det fantastiskt :) Puss å kram :D :)

2010-09-03 @ 11:52:17

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